🐏 Javier Carnero

These are the papers that I have published, most of them during my time as a researcher and teacher at the Applied Mathematics Department (University of Seville).

Running Simulations in HPC and Cloud Resources by Implementing Enhanced TOSCA Workflows
HPCS 2018 J. Carnero, F.J. Nieto.
Triangle Mesh Compression and Homological Spanning Forests
CTIC 2012 J. Carnero, H. Molina‐Abril, P. Real.
Triangle Mesh Compression Including its Topological Information for Medical Purpouses
CATMI 2011 J. Carnero, P. Real.
Image Segmentation Using Tissue-Like P Systems with Multiple Auxiliary Cells
Imagen-A, ISSN: 1885­‐4508 R. Reina‐Molina, J. Carnero, D. Díaz-­‐Pernil.
Computational Algebraic Topology Techniques for Automated Analysis of Diabetic Retinopathy Lessons
ACA 2011 J. Carnero, P. Real.
A New Approach to Image Segmentation Using Bio-Inspired Models
ACA 2011 J. Carnero, D. Díaz‐Pernil, P. Real.
Designing Tissue-Like P Systems for Image Segmentation on Parallel Architectures
9 BWMC, ISBN: 978­‐84‐615‐1837‐1 J. Carnero, D. Díaz‐Pernil, P. Real.
Image Segmentation Inspired by Cellular Models Using Hardware Programming
CTIC 2010, ISSN: 1885‐ 4508 J. Carnero, D. Díaz‐Pernil, H. Molina‐Abril, P. Real.
Homology-Based Filter for FITS Images
ACA 2010 J. Carnero, D. Monchis‐ Oaca, P. Real.
A Free Educational Tool for Visualizing Topological Properties: VOXELO
ACA 2010 A. Berciano, J. Carnero, D. Díaz­‐Pernil, P. Real.
DOXELO: Towards a Software for Processing and Visualizing Topology Computations in Doxel-Based 3D+t Images
ACA 2010 J. Carnero, D. Díaz­‐ Pernil, J.L. Mari, P. Real.
Explotando Moodle como Herramienta de Gestión de Proyectos para Entornos Educativos
CIIP 2010, ISBN: 978‐95­‐ 287‐288‐1 J. Carnero, D. Díaz‐Pernil, P. Real.
Topología Computacional y Computación con Membranas (Poster)
Jornadas Matemáticas Interdisciplinares 2010 J. Carnero, D. Díaz‐Pernil, P. Real.