🐏 Javier Carnero

Unveiling the Next Chapter: Adventures in Public Learning

This isn't my first blog. During my initial attempt, I spent two years writing about anything that crossed my mind. While it resulted in some cool essays and thoughts, there were also moments of awkward and cringe-worthy content. Reflecting on it now, it feels more like a writing experiment. It has been unavailable to the public for some time because, I must admit, I shared a bit too much without the necessary filters and considerations for my future self. Nevertheless, I take pride in it. It provided a fantastic creative experience, and I might republish some of those posts here in the future.

Fast forward fifteen years, and I'm giving it another shot, but with a new objective: Learning in public. My plan is to share my experiences, the lessons I learn, and my thoughts on various subjects. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and getting to know more about me and my work. As I mentioned in my first post back in 2009,

Let's post